Investing in the Future of Woodturning


Woodturning, the same as any hobby, pass-time or trade would become nothing when the current community of woodturners move on. So at UKIWS we’d like to do something to encourage new people to get involved.

We operate as a non-profit organisation and we have plans for the money coming in to UKIWS. Whilst the 2016 event turned over a small profit, it wasn’t quite enough to satisfy our plans as detailed below. But, it is enough to more than begin planning a superb event for 2017 which will turn over a larger profit so we can begin to put these plans into action.

With the support we have received and a growing band of followers and potential attendees, there will be some money left over when the doors close on 19th June on the last day of the symposium and we really want to do something with it. We need to make it very clear at this stage that none of the three amigos, nor any of the helpers that are currently on-board are making any money from putting on the symposium next year.

So, the funds that remain in the account at the end of the symposium will be divided up like this:

We will keep back a nominal amount to get the ball rolling for the 2017 event. This is important as the Mike, Steve and Martin have put in their own money to get this first one off the ground.

Now The Exciting Part – The Future

The remaining funds (in a scheme yet to be finalised) will be invested back into worthwhile causes that pro-actively support and promote woodturning to a wider community of all ages and abilities. To ensure we can have as much in the kitty as possible towards the project, we are adding an additional 5% onto ticket prices to contribute towards the payment fees charged to us by PayPal. This could ensure several more hundreds of pounds can be invested back into woodturning through the project.

Initial thoughts we are considering include a grant type scheme for turners and/or clubs to take turning out into their own communities and social groups or even perhaps joining forces with an existing worthwhile scheme which shares a common and achievable goal.

Whether we can run in conjunction with existing schemes or whether we will devise our own, we don’t know yet, and there is a long way to go, with a lot of talking, hopefully! but there will be something in place that will further bolster the woodturning communities of the UK and Ireland.

If you have any ideas or would like to be involved, please contact us. We’d love to hear your thoughts.