Demonstrators 2018

We’re very excited to bring together for you, an amazingly gifted collection of turners for you, for your 2018 event (these details will be completed when the information comes in to UKIWS HQ):

David Lowe RPT

David has been turning since 2011 and a is a member of the Register of Professional Turners since 2012 and the AWGB.

His work tends to lean towards the artistic side using colour, texture, air brushing, carving, piercing and many other techniques.  His work is available through several art galleries. He also demonstrates at clubs and shows both overseas and at home. He can provide private tuition at his work workshop either on a one to one basis or small group bookings.

David’s masterclass is on Sunday 1st July at 1pm and will be a Balance Bowl which seems to defy physics! It is suspended on the side of an angled stand.  It is fixed on an angle and the base has a finial to a point.

Les Thorne RPT

A perennial favorite club demonstrator, Les Thorne has been on the Register for Professional Turners since 2001 after spending the majority of his life involved with wood in some capacity and we’re very excited to have Les demonstrate this weekend.

For his Master Class at 9.30am on Saturday 30th June, Les will demonstrate the turning, colouring and texturing of one of his striking and tactile boxes. And then on Sunday 1st July, he will be demonstrating the benefits of using a skew and gouge over scraping.

From his workshop in Old Alresford in Hampshire, Les is primarily a production turner and works on a huge variety of jobs and with many different clients. Find out more about Les and his work on his website:

Emma Cook – The Tiny Turner

We are so pleased to be finally welcoming Emma to UKIWS. Her techniques have been asked for time and again over the previous two events and now, our times and her availability finally coincide!

Emma has recently taken the plunge into her art full time after being involved with woodwork since the age of 16 when curiosity and intrigue had her marvelling at the creations her younger brother and uncle.

A popular demonstrator, and with her BA (Hons) under her belt, Emma is more than well placed for moving her business forward with great pace and superb artistry. For more about Emma, visit

Jeff Hornung

Jeff has been turning for just 5 years and is making waves in his native USA. He is a turning artist, instructor, demonstrator and own the Walnut Log Studio and Supply in St Louis, Missouri. His work also features in galleries and in 2 museums, too!

His Morocco Blue is an award winning piece and is the subject of his Master Class at 1pm on Saturday 30th June.  He will also demonstratoe airbrushing with a stencil on a piece he calls ‘High Desert’.

For his public demonstration, Jeff will show his techniques of powdered inlays of metals and mother of pearl. Find out more about Jeff at

Ed Oliver RPT

Ed started woodturning on a two day course his wife Karen bought and has regretted it ever since! From that two day course, turning took over his life, spending 40 plus hours a week learning the art whilst having some of the best fun that can be had.  His work is mainly art and sculpture based bowls and hollow forms. Using carving, colouring and texturing.

In August 2014, Ed set up Olivers Woodturning supplying other woodturners with  tools and finishes, with the plan to be involved in woodturning full time. In September 2017, Ed became a member of The Register of Professional Woodturners (RPT) and now earns his living from teaching, demonstrating and running Olivers Woodturning in the Kent countryside. What could be a better way to live life?

For his demonstration on 30th June at 11.30am, Ed will be doing ‘Bowl Turning with a Twist.

Martin Saban-Smith

Demo details coming soon for the public demonstration on Sunday 1st July at 1.30pm.

(Times posted here are subject to change.)