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UKIWS Demonstrators – Yuval Lahav


Born and raised in Israel, former arts student (sculpting and painting) and ex gaming industry programmer, I moved to Italy following my half Italian wife’s dream of living in Rome in 2004, I took up woodturning in 2012, as a hobby, following a year of watching woodturning videos on Youtube. A woodturning friend and Youtuber, Christopher Baber, has encouraged me to take part in the 2014
Christmas ornament challenge, which graduated me from making exclusively bowls (I was under the impression I should only turn “useful” things, forgetting that art has a use in itself) to an exploring and learning woodturner.
Encouraged by the reactions to my entry video to the ornament challenge, I continued to document by video and post almost every single project I’ve turned in the past three years, whether a success or failure, in order to give back to the community I’ve learned so much from. And it is thanks to that community that I feel I’ve made a small difference in the
woodturning world, even if only as a decent teacher. Of sorts.
In present day I work as a tour guide in and to Rome and the Vatican.

Yuval will be turning an ’emerging form’ and will be demonstrating on Sunday 16th July at 10:00am.