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UKIWS Demonstrators – Phil Irons

In his own words…I was born in Sydney, Australia where we lived until the age of 18 when as a family we moved to the UK. My introduction to turning wood was at the age of 13 when my father was given a child’s cast iron treadle lathe manufactured in the USA in the 1870’s (information I found on the back cover of the AAW members handbook a few years ago) which my brothers and I messed around on.

I became more involved in turning in my late twenties and took it up as a full time occupation in my mid thirties. I have demonstrated and taught in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Finland, South Africa, Norway, New Zealand and the USA.

Turning isn’t just an occupation,  it a passion and I gain a great deal of satisfaction in taking a piece of wood nobody else wants and create an object that is considered a piece of art. I get just as big a kick passing on my passion whether at a small club demo or a national symposium.

Phil’s Masterclass is is on Saturday 15th July from 10:30am to 12:30 pm and is sure to be popular!

Edit 20/06/17: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Phil is unable to attend the even on Sunday 16th July.