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UKIWS Demonstrators – Martin Saban-Smith


Tonight’s UKIWS demonstrator is our very own Martin Saban-Smith. In his Master Class, Martin is going to show how to turn a burr piece into an artistic sculptural form like the one shown below using metal reactive paints.

He’ll show you how he chucks the piece, turns the front, decides on where and how to put the rings. In the second half of the presentation, he’ll go through his method of applying the reactive paint to an ancient look and feel to the piece using a pre-prepared piece. Finally, he’ll show the metal leafing process.

Martin is primarily known on YouTube for his colouring work, but has chosen to demonstrate his work with the metal paints for his Master Class which is limited to 50 attendees.

Martin’s masterclass is at 2pm on Saturday 15th July.  This promises to be a fascinating demonstration!

Martin is waiving his fee for his Master Class and handing it to the ongoing UKIWS project.