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Master Classes ’17


We have a tremendous line-up of turning talent for the 2017 Master Classes, and each one brings something different and creative to the table. Find out more in this list of who is doing what and when!

Bookings can only be made using these links as they are not properly visible on site yet. Master Classes are limited to 50 attendees each in the private Master Class room away from the main event.
The demonstrators will have cameras projecting the demonstration on a screen for a better view and will have a microphone for ease of listening. Click the links book your tickets before they go on general sale!

Phil Irons: Hollow Forms – 15th July 10.30am

Join Phil Irons in the Master Classroom at 10.30am on Saturday 15th July for a superb class on creating hollow forms. This class is bound to be popular, as Phil is such a well known turner.

In the (up to) two hour private class, learn how Phil creates his amazing hollow forms from roughing out and cutting an accurate spigot for holding in the chuck. He’ll also talk to you about the optimum jaw sizes for safe turning…Price: £15.00 per person

Martin Saban-Smith: Turning Artistic Burrs – 15th July 2:00pm

Join Martin Saban-Smith in his Master Class on turning a burr piece into an artistic sculptural form like the one shown here using metal reactive paints.

He’ll show you how he chucks the piece, turns the front, decides on where and how to put the rings. In the second half of the presentation, he’ll go through his method of applying the reactive paint to an ancient look and feel to the piece using a pre-prepared piece. Finally, he’ll show the metal leafing process. Price: £15.00 per person

Pat Carroll: 2 Part Beaded Hollow Forms – 16th July 10:00am

Irish turner Pat Carroll comes to UKIWS with a brilliant Master Class lined up for you – A two part beaded hollow form.

In this project, Pat will demonstrate how to make a hollow form with basic tools. The hollow form will be made in two piece and joined together, disguising the joint with perfectly using a beading tool.

To add some flair, Pat will add a finial to further enhance the piece.

Price: £20.00 per person

Mark Sanger: ‘Hanami’ – 16th July 12.30pm

Mark Sanger is well know for his sculptural forms using a variety of techniques to achieve his spectacular results.

In his Master Class on Sunday 16th July at 12:30pm, Mark will demonstrate turning simple form and then how to turn this form into a beautiful sculptural piece known as ‘Hanami’ using pyrography and acrylic paint.

For those turners wanting to learn how to add extra detail to their work, then Mark’s demo is not to be missed!

Price: £15.00 per person

Each of the Master Class demonstrators will also be doing a public demonstration of something different which is included in the price of your entry ticket. If you do not have your entry ticket yet click here. They will also be doing close-up demonstrations and talks over the weekend – the times of which have yet to be decided.
To see the full line-up of who is on and when, see the timetable for information
Remember, there are only 50 tickets available for each of these brilliant demos!
If you have any queries, please let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.