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The 2017 Event is Under Construction!

Well, here we are, almost a year after we announced the first UKIWS, and we’re doing it all again! Find out in this update about the dates, venue, and some other interesting stuff about UKIWS ’17

Posh new patches for UKIWS ’17!

It was 25th October 2015 that Martin and Mike announced a brave new plan to put on UKIWS, and WOW! did it ever go well.

All the organisers were asked multiple times if they were going to do another one. So after a discussion on the Monday morning after UKIWS, at the hotel, it was decided unanimously that it would be rude not to do it again.

This is the first update for the 2017 season where Martin announces the date, location and other useful information for your diaries and thinking caps! We’ve also got a new YouTube channel for you to subscribe to, and a spanking new website design which we hope you like!

Also, there are some items of merchandise to tickle your fancy: Patches and stickers are available for purchase…..but the stickers are FREE (plus p&p though)!

Take a look at the update video for more information:

In a nutshell though:

Date: 15th and 16th July 2017
Location: Hilton Hotel in Coventry
Master Classes: YES – in a separate room this year.
EarlyBird Tickets: YES – early November for mailing list members – sign-up using the form below if you haven’t already.
Hotel Discount: YES – stay tuned for details in due course
Competition: YES – stay tuned for details
Demonstrators: Tell us in the comments below this post or on the Facebook post with this video on who you would like us to ask to demonstrate for you.

Founding member Mike Waldt has taken a step back from organising the event this year, but will more than likely be doing a demonstration on the Sunday of the event. Mike’s idea of a pie and a pint has grown so much since it’s inception that it is hard to believe that we are now putting on a second event for you.

Stay tuned to the website, Facebook and YouTube for updates on demonstrators, sponsors, trade and other attractions over the next few weeks and months, and keep a special eye out for the earlybird tickets when they go on sale soon.