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Yuval Lahav’s ‘Emerging Forms’

Yuval lives just outside of Rome, Italy and only managed to confirm that he could make it to UKIWS very recently, and we are delighted that he said he would demonstrate for us.

Having started turning bowls in 2011, Yuval moved on to other things a couple of years later and now turns all sorts of items and shares many of his projects on his YouTube channel.

I don’t get to turn much on a daily basis. Some weeks I get to turn a single item. The time I spend at the lathe is timeless; The world could explode and I would be ignorant to it. I was very much like that as a child with books.

Recently on YouTube, he has turned a Djembe drum in a short series, a superb hollow form torus and has delighted his viewers and Facebook followers with emerging forms like the one shown here. And it is one of these stunning emerging forms that Yuval will turn in his demonstration at 2.30pm on Saturday 18th June.

For more about Yuval, and to catch his videos, check out his YouTube channel at