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Woodworm Rune Goblet

ID: 11939

Dimensions : 135mm tall,55mm base,40 mm bowl

A small piece of English yew cut 12/15 years previous and given to me by my great uncle .Roughed to round and found it was riddled with woodworm and had end shakes. Decided on a goblet as this would remove most of the shakes and worm inclusions.hollowed goblet bowl then used a practise golf ball( the plastic ones with holes in) to bring some tail stock pressure,then carved out the remaining worm tracks and filled with a black filler powder and set with thin CA glue.

Final shaped stem and base with small spindle gouge and detail with skew chisel and thin parting tool.Sanded through the grits to 600 then applied two coats of cellulose sanding sealer de nibbed between coats with 0000 wire wool then finished with Hampshire sheen.

Started turning two years ago as an antidote to soap operas! All self taught with the aid of a few you tube gurus!