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Steve Twydell’s ‘Laced Forms’

Steve Twydell has only been turning since August 2014 after being introduced to it through social media and his best friend in Canada. He started out with a homemade lathe made from an old drill and rapidly progressed to a beginner’s lathe and then on to his now professional lathe.


Steve started his Templeboy Turnings Youtube channel in September 2015 and originally used the process to come to terms with the loss of his father in June. Since then he has found his niche in the woodturning community and is now known for his use of unusual materials and “out of the box” thinking when it comes to design and experimentation.

My demonstration will show a new take on an old design, using eyelets and laces instead of a zip that has often been used by turners on project design in the past. I will show how basic tools can be used to turn a vessel thin enough to be able to add eyelets that are normally used in the textiles industry on leather and fabrics, and show the process of installing them and adding other features to enhance their look.

I will also demonstrate how materials other than wood can be incorporated into the everyday design of our woodturning art. Most of all I want to show how experimenting with unusual materials can bring a new and exciting way of thinking when it comes to turning.

Steve is very excited to have been a part of UKIWS from the beginning and is looking forward to the opportunity to meet his peers from social media and YouTube.

Steve’s demonstration is on Saturday 18th June at 4pm

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