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Mike Waldt’s Off Centre Goblets

Mike started turning just over four years ago, after watching a random video on YouTube. And that was it! His passion had begun. Since then he has spent many hours practicing at the lathe, trying to improve on his techniques and methods.

Mike Waldt. the man behind the idea.
Mike Waldt. the man behind the idea.

I love turning anything, but Goblets, Bowls, and Boxes are my favourites; with Goblets being my first love.

To give a little back to the community he learned from, Mike started a YouTube channel about six months after starting to turn. Now that takes up quite a bit of Mike’s spare time, his time at the lathe has actually reduced! But that has not deterred Mike at all, he still turns as regularly as possible around his full time job, and continues to expand his knowledge and skills.

This will be my first ever public Demonstration, as up until now I have only turned to a silent and loyal audience, my camera, and although I am really excited an honoured to be turning at UKIWS, it is safe to say that I am more than a little nervous. But sink or swim, I shall enjoy myself, and at the end of the day – that is what it is all about.

Mike is passionate about turning Goblets and will demonstrate this passion by turning and off-centre one for visitors to UKIWS on Sunday 19th June at 11:30am.

Catch Mike on his YouTube channel at or in the Facebook group Woodchuckers.