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Martin Saban-Smith’s Colour and Texture

From Hampshire, Martin discovered woodturning as recently as May 2014 and since then has not looked back – building a blossoming YouTube channel and producing his own brand of wood finish.

profileMartin is perhaps best known on YouTube for colouring and texturing techniques with the use of an airbrush or paper towel and so this weekend, he will be demonstrating a mixture of techniques in his ‘cooking programme’ style of presentation.

I can’t quite explain how profound that first 20 minutes on a lathe being ‘shown’ how to turn a gardner’s dibber was, but it changed both my life and my outlook on it.

Working on becoming a full time professional turner, Martin developed the new woodturner’s finish ‘Hampshire Sheen’ and formed it into a company in October 2015. It is now made and sold in the US and Canada under license with interest from both Australia and New Zealand.

Discovering woodturning was the best thing to have happend – it has opened up my creative energy like nothing has before, and I am pleased to be able to share experiences and inspire new turners with the work I record and publish.

Martin is demonstrating on Saturday at 11:30; Sunday at 10:00am.

Find Martin on his website, socially and on YouTube: