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Glitter Bug


Dimensions of Piece:7.5″ x 3″ with Glitter Inlace 1/4″

The main body of the bowl was turned from a Tulip Wood bowl blank. Started the piece by using a Gouge, once I was happy with the main shape of the body, I used a small Spindle gouge using shear cuts to tidy up the edges. I had some problems with a little end grain, to help with this I used a combination of shear cuts and a sanding.

I hollowed out the the centre of the bowl and using a Robert Sorby Box Hollower to remove alot of the bulk from the sides and the under the lip of the rim. To create the channel on the rim of the bowl I used my skew chisel which was not deep enough, so the piece had to be remounted to the lathe so that I may deepen the channel. I used a clear Inlace kit and half a small tube of Glitter, I mixed the two compounds and the glitter and filled the channel.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would for the Inlace to cure. ( Maybe my mix wasn’t accurate enough, it was my first time!). I then remounted the bowl onto the lathe and used a Skew chisel to remove the excess. I didn’t want to risk using any other chisel due to the rim being quiet thin. Once the excess Inlace was removed, the whole piece was given a coat of Orange Feed and Wax, as I found that the blank I used very dry. I then went through the grits 120 right up to 600. I used a 3:1 mix of Sanding Sealer/thinners mix and denibbed with Chesnut Burnishing cream.

Then the whole bowl was given two Coats of Beeswax, and buffed. Include a few details of your background in woodturning. I am a Novice Wood turner and have been enjoying learning the craft for the passed year. I must confess I am not really a big fan of the big and bulky stuff. But I do love doing the smaller and more delicate work, So this bowl is a little out of the ordinary for me. It has taken me a long time to find the Hobby even though my father and his brother both enjoy working in wood.

I often marvelled at their work, and it wasn’t until my mum passed way that I became more interested, maybe it was a way of being close to my dad I am not sure, but one thing I do know is I am loving the journey.