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Dimensions of Piece: the base is 22cm long, the bowl is 12cm diameter and the overall height with the lid is 22cm

The main bowl of the piece is sycamore with an entirely rounded outside, this meant I had to use a jam chuck to turn the base, after I had used the rim as a jam chuck for turning the lid. The finial and turned rods are all maple dyed black with spirit stains.

The lid is walnut to contrast the sycamore, there was a void from a small knot which I filled with copper and epoxy. The base is an exotic hardwood that I received as an offcut. To bend the walnut piece, I used a pipe heated with a blowtorch to bend the thin wood which had been soaked in water.

All the separate components were then sanded and finished with Hampshire sheen as I wanted a fairly matt finish that shows off the wood. I also needed a finish that would be suitable on both lathe finished and hand rubbed parts. I have been turning just over 18 months, learning from online videos, and lots of trial and error. This piece is the first where I have combined turning with flat (and bent) work, and also my first piece with multiple parts.