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A Childhood Adventure

ID: 1944V

Dimensions : 150mm Diameter 95mm Height

This tree grew next to my granddads house which when it was cut down i was able to acquire a burl from his neighbour as he kept a few bit for carving.Material;The wood used is a Cherry Beech BurlProcess and Techniques; During this project I was using trial and error with the tools as this is my first time with a  burl. I found the bowl gauge the easiest for the bulk of the work and I then used a round nose scraper to produce a final cut before sanding I could use it to tickle the bowl, reducing the amount of sanding slightly.

During this project have a challenge keeping a good edge on the tool as I am still sharpening free hand on the grinder the scraper is easy enough but the fingernail grind on the bowl gauge is a challenge keeping my angle consistent.

Once I had sanded the bowl to 400 grit I used three coats of sanding sealer to seal the wood and lift the grain before finishing it with three coats of  wood wax 22.

I wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing and with the history of the tree it would remind me a little of me and my brothers “childhood” as we used to climb this tree when we were younger. When making this bowl I had no idea What to expect as this was my first time working with a burl so I decided to see what the wood hid within, so I treat this as an “adventure” delving in to something new. I was surprised by the contrast of the grain and I like the inclusions that are in the bowl. I feel as though I have finished the piece that shows off the natural beauty of the wood and it is a piece that is personal to me.

I have been wood turning now for about 12 months  now. I started after I came across my granddads old lathe, I remember watching him when I was younger and because he didn’t use it any more he told me take it home and give it ago since then I have been practising through trial and error and with the help of you tube, through which I have discovered a brilliant which I enjoy as you just keep learning.