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Video: AWGB Join in with UKIWS and Other News

Happy new year everyone! I know it’s the 21st January, but Happy new year, none-the-less!

We had quiet time, update-wise through December, mainly because it was the run-up to Christmas, but also because so much had happened in the previous few weeks, that we were where we wanted to be as far as the organisation of the event was concerned. So, it was a suitable time for having a short break.

Now were are into the final six months of the organisation phase of the event, we are delighted to announce that the AWGB are coming joining in the fun of UKIWS and will be present at the event. They will have a stand and members of the organisation will be on hand for new member enquiries and generally spreading the good word of woodturning! For more information about them, visit

Master Class tickets are on sale now – limited to 30 people per class, and we have a great line up of pro demonstrators from the UK and Ireland for you. See here for details and…

Book Your Master Class Tickets HERE.

Also, we contacted 120 clubs back in November with details on how to claim a 10% discount on the entry tickets to UKIWS, so if you are a club member and would like a discounted ticket, please chase your club secretary for the code. If they’ve not got a code yet, they need to complete the Club Registration form HERE and a code will be sent to them to distribute to your club members.

Next week, we will have  details  of the fabulous UKIWS competition we are going to be running, and the details of some of the prizes too. We have a great guy helping us with the competition, and we’ll release as many details as possible next week for you, as well as some of the prize details.

Also, please take a look over at our sponsors: