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John Aitken’s Demonstrations at UKIWS


John is known to many as ‘The Bowler Hatted Turner’ for the characteristic hat he wears when demonstrating and it is a pleasure to welcome him to the UKIWS fold.

Having been working with wood for many years, John now turns full time and was accepted onto the Register for Professional Turners in 2009.

John’s Master Class – Pewter in Turning

John’s Master Class demonstration will combine wood and pewter. He says “Perhaps one of the trickiest parts of woodturning is making a piece from multiple turnings.

For my two hour demonstration I will explain about working with pewter. I will cover essential health and safety points and where to source pewter. I will demonstrate how to make the moulds that I use and how I melt pewter and cast it.

I will also show how it turns and pitfalls to avoid when turning. I will also show how to apply these castings as an enhancement to your turned work. During the demonstration I will also be texturing and colouring pewter.”

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Public Demonstration – Finial Pot

John will turn a finial pot, during his public demonstration and will explain the use of the tools and how he turns thin finials.

During the hour long presentation, John will also show the use of the skew chisel as an aid to getting crisp detail.

And if that’s not all, he will also demonstrate how he adapted an ordinary grinder that he uses to sharpen his skew chisels and carving tools.

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Public Demonstration

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Photos courtesy of John Boyne-Aitken.