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Philip Greenwood RPT’s Demonstrations at UKIWS


Known to turners around the world as a writer for Woodturning Magazine, Philip Greenwood has has turning at the centre of his life since since 1986 and works out of his studio in Hutton-le-Hole, Yorkshire.

Philip is a member of the Register for Professional Turners, the AWGB and the AAW.

Having Philip demonstrate a Master Class and Public Demonstration for you at UKIWS in June is wonderful and we are more than happy to have him along.

To find out more about him and his work, visit his website at

Phil’s Master Class – Ultra-Thin Turning

lit-up-piece web

Perhaps one of the trickiest parts of woodturning is turning walls down so thin you can shine a light through them

In his Master Class at 10am on Sunday 19th June, Philip will demonstrate how to turn incredibly thin pieces look stunning as bowls or even lampshades….

An experienced and popular demonstrator, Phil’s Master Class is bound to be a hit with visitors to UKIWS in June.

Click on the image to see the larger version of the picture.

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Public Demonstration – Natural Edge Bowl

naturalEdge2Phil’s public demonstration will take place on Saturday 18th June at 10am.

Turning a natural edge bowl in this performance, Phil, like all our demonstrators, is limited to a basic tool rack of the standard seven tools plus a couple of others a novice might consider buying as they progress with experience. Being a bowl though, we expect Phil to use just a couple of tools for this piece!

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Public Demonstration

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Photos courtesy of Philip Greenwood.