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Great News Update from UKIWS

YouTubeUpdateManic week this week, as you can imagine given the distance we’ve travelled in organising UKIWS!

In this news update recorded earlier today, organiser Martin shows his enthusiasm for the symposium by giving details of what has been going on at the three ‘mission control’ offices of UKIWS an gives details of the ticket release tomorrow. And not an hour after finishing filming, a new very youthful demonstrator came on board for the event. See below for details.

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In this update: We’ve been blown away by the support from UK and global turners again this week! Thank you so much for all your comments and likes and shares…and thanks to for joining the mailing list.

Find out who we have already confirmed for their demonstration master classes and public demonstrations and find out about the ticket release tomorrow too!

It may seem premature to be talking of the future, but that’s what we’ve been doing recently – find out what we’re thinking about in this update.

Here are the links mentioned in this update:

Earlybird Tickets are exclusively available for mailing list members only until 11th November. Join the mailing list now at to receive the details.


We are very pleased to confirm John Aitken, the Bowler Hatted Woodturner, Philip Greenwood of Woodturning Magazine and Gregory Moreton. All exceptional turners, and there are more on the way. See who else is confirmed to demo at the event here:
Limited details at the moment, but the page will be updated as we know the details.

Can your woodturning business help support the event by either sponsoring it or exhibiting? – you’ll be surprised at the cost for the whole weekend!

Sign your club up to receive a special discount code for your members of standard entry price tickets:

Our Intentions for the Future:

That’s it for now – I’m bound to have forgotten something! Thank you again for your support. I hope to see you in June! See you next week for another update.


Sixteen year old Joe Creed-Kaile is under the wing of renowned turner Stuart Mortimer and we are delight to be able to introduce you to this incredibly talented young turner at UKIWS in June. See here for more details when they become available.